Get Your Ass in Gear - Runners' Most Important Muscle

Get Your Ass in Gear - Runners' Most Important Muscle

Posted by Nick Kafker on Sep 26, 2019

Ok team, we need to talk about butts. 


No, not the kind that fills up your instagram feed; I’m talking about real, underappreciated, runners’ butts. The booty is made of 3 muscles: the gluteus medius, gluteus maximus, and gluteus minimus. Together they form the least appreciated and most important aspect of your running engine. 


The glutes are all the rage these days because runners are waking up to the reality that if you get in touch with your butt, you can take your running to a new level. 


Dr Mark Cucuzella, one of america’s leading running obsessed physicians, speaks with an almost religious devotion to the Gluteus Maximus in his book Run For Your Life, “The gluteus maximus applies more force and stability to the ground than any other muscle when we run, and it’s the most efficient for generating forward propulsion” 


Long story short, the Glute Max is a huge benefit to runners if we can figure out how to use it, and as Recover’s Co-Founder Dr. Rothwell, DPT says, “I’ve literally never seen a patient present a glute max strain.” If you can use it right, it’s pretty injury proof too. 


Now, I don’t want to over simplify this butt lecture; the butt is not all sunshine and rainbows… The gluteus medius highlighted in this picture is not as indestructible as the glute maximus. The medius’ role is more stabilizing to the leg and aligning to the whole running gait, plus, when we run these muscles don’t get stronger, they get “used” and “fatigued.” We need to increase the endurance of these muscles in order to run without injury. 


So where do we go from here? It’s simple 


We need to activate the Glute Maximus when Running 


Here is a comprehensive list of exercises to activate the booty and run with good form:


We need to strengthen the Glute Medius when Recovering 


For this, I recommend nothing more than the Recover app. We focus on glute strength as an important attribute for injury prevention scoot on over to our webapp and try out a prehab routine to get your ass in gear.


Recover. Run Forever. 

Check out the Recover app prototype here:
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