The 6 Keys To Post Run Recovery

The 6 Keys To Post Run Recovery

Posted by Nick Kafker on Sep 26, 2019

So, like thousands of generations of homosapians before you, you’ve just gone out for a run. You’re home, you’re sweaty, and your body has just been put through its paces. Now what?


A prehistoric human on the african savanna may have returned from a persistence hunt tired and began working with the tribal unit to prepare the large antelope they just felled. But, we have Trader Joes, air conditioning, and science now, so there are different steps we must take. At Recover we specialize in making injury prevention fun and accessible to everyone. Here is what we recommend you do after every run.


  1. Cool down - Every run should have some period of reduced effort at the finish, weather you take your last mile slowly or walk for a few minutes towards the end, its important to methodically and smoothly let your body return to rest. 

    As you come to a stop take a moment to listen to your body. Are there any aches or pains? Any spots of soreness? Do you feel like the tank is empty or do you feel like you could go do the same run again? Learning to listen closely to your body is the best skill to develop to make the most of all the running you do

  2. Stretch - Science has shown us that stretching is almost certainly not needed, but if it makes you feel good and feel injury proof, there is no reason not to! Running injury free is as much mental as it is physical. 
  3. Foam Roll - Foam rolling is great. The science on this recent phenomenon is all over the place, but it certainly temporarily increases mobility and does feel great. Get out ya foam tube and get down on it.
  4. Work on your weaknesses - The PT’s at Recover believe that immediately post run is the best time to incorporate strengthening into your routine to injury proof your body or help you get over the aches and pains that plague a majority of runners. Prehab is best done post run because
    • You’re already sweaty. What’s 3 minutes more sweat?
    • It maximizes your chance of actually completing a prehab routine. It naturally fits in the schedule and won’t likely be forgotten
    • Your muscles are warmed up and loose
    • You want to make sure you can run tomorrow - with today’s run banked, it’s time to invest in the future self. Prehab makes sure you can show up tomorrow.
  5. Nutrition - Runners gotta eat. The hunger is real. Odds are you’re snacking right now as you read this. Science has long struggled to determine what an optimal diet is for humans, let alone runners, so we leave it to you and your chosen experts to advise here, but give your circulatory system, connective tissue, and muscles what they crave. 
  6. Get a good night's sleep. If you run in the morning, then this isn't first on the to-do list, but it’s still critical. Most of our body’s rebuilding processes take place while we sleep. Running is hard, sleep is everything! 


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