Recover Athletics


Nick and I (also Nick) wanted to run a marathon. We convinced our best friend James (a pro runner trying to make the Olympics) to coach us and we started to train… a lot! We trained and trained, and the aches and pains started to add up. So, we reached out to our friends, two Physical Therapists, and asked them if they'd help us stay injury free. They started to send us videos of exercises we’d never seen before, and info on when and how to do them. The aches and pains started to go away. We made it to the start line. We made it to the finish line!

Pretty soon, word spread that there were these gurus who could build you an injury prevention plan custom for your specific injury history. Runners wanted these plans, but getting them from a reputable therapist with expertise in running injuries took too long and no tool existed to keep the runner on track.

We decided to build this tool. Ever year, 70% of runners sustain a running related injury. We want to change that. We believe runners have a right to do what they love injury free. Our goal is to democratize access to the great physical therapy advice that kept us healthy, so you can stay healthy too.

Things have grown since the the days of 2 guys named Nick texting videos of strange exercises all around Boston. Meet the Recover team:

Founding Team

Nick Stewart


Nick Kafker


Jeffrey Mara


Stevie Gleason


James Randon