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Become Injury Proof

In the blood...

My journey with iron deficiency anemia and the signs all runners should look out for.

What To Do With The Post-Marathon Blues

How to make recovery fun, when you're too sore to run

Yasir Salem - 50 in 50 (in 50)

This week I sat down with Yasir Salem, who just completed 50 Marathons in 50 weeks in 50 states to raise money for the Gweneviere Mann foundation. This is a story about recovery, not just from running marathons.

The 3 Best Meditation Apps for Runners

What’s your meditation love language? Recover helps you play the dating game so you can find inner peace through mindfulness.

Should Runners Ice?

The man who came up with the old R.I.C.E. injury treatment system has retracted his old advice. What do we do now?

The Long Run with Joe Bolster (Competing at 90)

After racing Roger Bannister in his 20s, Joe Bolster took a 50 year hiatus from running. Now he’s back on the track and training for the Penn Relays this spring. Read the story of this incredible athlete.

The Long Run with David Melly (My first 100 Mile week)

With his training ramping up in the beginning of October, he’s looking down the barrel of some serious mileage. For the first time in his running career, he ran 100 miles in 7 days. Why?

The 6 Keys To Post Run Recovery

So, like thousands of generations of homosapians before you, you’ve just gone out for a run. You’re home, you’re sweaty, and your body has just been put through its paces. Now what?

Get Your Ass in Gear - Runners' Most Important Muscle

The glutes are all the rage these days because runners are waking up to the reality that if you get in touch with your butt, you can take your running to a new level.